How to join the Animato Foundation Orchestra

Dear Musicians

The Application Process to join the Animato Chamber Orchestra 2023 is closed. 
Thank you for your interest.
Your Animato Team

The three steps of the Admission Process

1st step - Formal Admission

Checking of the fulfillment of the formal admission conditions – please check if you fulfill these conditions outlined in the box below. If so, please send the completed Application Form to not later than the 15th of March 2023. We shall then inform you about the further steps. 

Formal Admission Conditions

  1. Candidate commits to participate during the complete Animato Academy and Concert Tour of the respective year.
  2. Candidate has reached the legal age of eighteen years.
  3. Candidate is in the final phase of his/her academic music studies and has received a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) prior to the start of the respective Animato Academy.
  4. Candidate has so far only participated max. once in an Animato Academy and Concert Tour.
  5. Candidate has experience in playing in a philharmonic orchestra performing in public concerts.
  6. Candidate is not yet working as full-time music professional.
  7. Candidate has good communication skills in English and is capable and motivated to work in a team.

On request based on justifying reasons the designated conductor may grant exceptions from the fulfilment of these formal conditions.

2nd step - Audition
Mandatory Audition Process and exceptions

The Animato Audition Process is mandatory for all new candidates who have not yet participated in an Animato Academy and Concert Tour.

Ex-Animato Orchestra Members who have participated in a previos Animato Academy and Concert Tour are excluded from the Animato Audition Process as long as the apply for ordinary orchestra membership.

For all candidates who are opting for a Lead position the Animato Audition Process is mandatory.

Audition results

The Artistic Director supported by the Artistic Advisor decides on the nomination as member of the Animato Orchestra.

The candidate may fall in one of the following three categories:

  • Admitted member of the Animato Foundation Orchestra
  • Stand-by candidate for the official waiting list
  • Status of not being admitted to Animato Foundation Orchestra

3rd step - Agreement

After passing the Audition Process successfully, you will receive a Participation Agreement. This Agreement outlines the respective rights and duties between the Animato Foundation and you.

The Participation Agreement has to be signed by you and Animato Foundation. Only with these signatures the selection process will be finished and you become an official registered orchestra member.